Name: Carolyn Ordowich



Organization Design Practitioner


Name of organization:  STS Associates, Inc.

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Role in organization:  Practitioner

Title presentations:

“STS Approaches – Lowlands and North American - in the 21st Century”

"The Digital Coalface: Ethical Dilemmas of Techno-Determinism"

Founder of STS Associates, Inc. first in Montreal, Canada and then in Princeton, New Jersey, with more than forty years as an organization design practitioner with a wide range of organizations in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Using a multi-dimensional capability set based in socio-technical systems (STS) theory, organization development, design thinking, and participation-based change technologies, Carolyn facilitates large-system transformation work with all levels of enterprise, from the shopfloor to the boardroom. Her focus is on humane, high-performance, ethical organizing in emerging forms of organization such as reconfigurable teams, networks and ecosystems and participative governance systems, with specific attention on how digitization of the workplace impacts self-organizing.  In the Pre-conference Workshop, Carolyn, in collaboration with Chris Sels, will contrast the NA and Lowlands approaches to STS.  


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