Name: Christiane Sels



Independent Consulting – Total Workplace Innovation

Name of organization:  Prepared Mind

Louvain, Belgium, Europe

Role in organization:  Managing Partner

Title presentation: “STS Approaches – Lowlands and North American - in the 21st Century”.  


Chris is an experienced strategic and organizational design advisor and change manager. She is at her best (re)designing organizational structures and reflecting on strategies for the future. She does this by guiding and aligning management teams, employees or stakeholders throughout participative decision making processes.  She co-founded Prepared Mind, a consultancy agency in the field of Total Workplace Innovation (TWIN). The trademark of Prepared Mind is organization and network design, workspace design, participative processes, leadership and change programs. Before starting to work there as a consultant, she was for about 20 years the COO of a middle-sized social profit organization. Chris has an academic and scientific background. She studied Sociology and Gender Studies at the KU Leuven and holds several postgraduate degrees. She graduated as a student of the 2-year academic program “Consultancy in groups and organizations”. Since 2004, she invested a lot of her time in exploring, learning and building the theory of (Lowlands) Sociotechnical Systems Thinking. Applying the theory in practice, she implemented these insights while working as a manager and later as a consultant.


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