Name: Martijn van Glabbeek



Function: Enterprise Business Architect

Alliander NV

Doorwerth, the Netherlands

Business Information Architect

Title presentation:

"Technology making waves: The Impact of Digital Technology on Work, Life and Everything"

 Martijn van Glabbeek is a senior Business Architect dedicated to designing and implementing ‘customer oriented architectures’ to improve customer experience and business outcomes.


For the past seven years, Martijn has worked in various functions in the customer departments of Alliander. Alliander is the largest Dutch grid operator, and at the forefront of both the energy transition and customer experience. In the role of Business Information Architect Martijn is currently working on digital transformation of the customer experience and enhancing underlying business capabilities and governance.


Before Alliander, Martijn van Glabbeek has worked in telecoms and utilities companies, notably KPN, UPC, Nuon and Vattenfall, alternating in business management and business consultancy roles.


His core expertise lies in creating insight in the company’s business capabilities and designing and implementing transformation strategies and governance. His interests are enterprise and business architecture methods, digital transformation through new technologies and all aspects of customer experience management.

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