• 12-09-2023
  • 15-09-2023
  • Maastricht (Netherlands)

The Maastricht conference of the global network of SmarT organizational design 2023


A sociotechnical systems perspective on the future of organizations in the public services


In many countries there is growing concern about public services. Those in the welfare, education, health and social care sectors in particular are under rising pressure from increasing demands and complexity of demand, shortage of labor, decreasing budgets, the need for sustainability and so on. Problematic public services have a great impact on the well-being of society and the future of the welfare state.

To solve these problems, we observe the use of a contradictory mix of deregulation at the macro level and solutions at the organizational level that result in increased bureaucratic mechanisms. Solutions are sought in scaling-up, shared service centers, standardization, centralization and so forth. These kinds of solutions lead to a dead end. On the other hand, digital technology offers opportunities. However, applying new technology in current organizational structures without focusing on socio- or humancentric design will not have the hoped-for positive effects: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." (A. Einstein)


For this roundtable of SmarT organizations, we invite submissions related to the above-mentioned challenges for:

  • gaining better understanding of the challenges in practice;
  • interventions to deal with these challenges from an STS point of view.

We also welcome submissions for workshops and poster presentations. Workshops should focus on deliberating on either challenges or case studies related to the conference theme. Poster presentations should focus on research, case studies or .

Submission procedure

Proposals should be submitted by e-mail before December 15th 2022 to the following e-mail addresses and Please mention in the subject of the e-mail "Proposal for STS Conference 2023".

Further information can be obtained via both email addresses.

Selection committee

The selection committee consists of Camilla Child, MA, MSc (Tavistock Institute of Human Relations), Erich Latniak, PhD (University Duisburg-Essen), Chris Sels, MSc. (Prepared Mind), Mark Govers, Phd (University Maastricht) and Pierre van Amelsvoort, PhD (ST groep & KU Leuven).

Hosted by: Ulbo de Sitter kennisinstituut

In coperation with: Global Network for SMART Organization Design

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