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11-02-2021 10:33 | Anonymous

Could this be the year you invest in yourself, and become a Certified Org Design Professional? YES, and EODF is there to help you.
EODF offers four masterclasses which give you the foundational knowledge and skills to be a credible practitioner. Learn in a hands-on environment, with real case studies, from a faculty who are Certified Organisation Design Professionals. EODF's faculty experience is unrivalled, with breadth and depth from multiple industries, internal and external consulting roles, and leadership of small & large organisations. Find out more info about the content and about their faculty by visiting their website

It has been busy planning different programms to meet the needs of all the members, leading to the below three Masterclass delivery options for you: 

  • Spring "fast track" programme – all four modules in three weeks (10th - 25th March). This is for you if you want to go fast, maybe started an OD project already, and willing to invest the time in a short period.
  • Summer programme – all four modules over three months (7th April - 8th July). This is for you if you if you cannot take so much time off from your busy projects in a short period, or if you like to have time to practice, digest and reflect between modules.
  • Standalone programme – you pick the individual modules you would like to do (3rd March - 16th September). This is your choice if you only want to learn about the specific content of the module of your choice(s).

Masterclasses are open to non-members and attendance includes one annual EODF membership. A Masterclass isn’t just a one-off experience, it’s an opportunity to join a continuous learning community. We hope to see you there!

For more info please visit the website 

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